How To Share App On Whatsapp Latest Method 2024

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Embarking on the adventurous journey of app sharing might seem like a daunting task, especially for first-timers. But fear not! We’ve got a nifty tool up our sleeves – the Zarchiver. How To Share App On Whatsapp, making the process a tad less serious and a whole lot more fun. So buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of app-sharing antics. And hey, if you’ve got a trick or two, drop them in the comments below. Sharing is caring, after all!

How To Share App On WhatsApp Sending the App:
By this method, you can send any app through your WhatsApp

Step 1: Download & Open Zarchiver

Alright, folks, first things first – make sure you’ve got Zarchiver on your device. Open it up and get ready for the app-sharing rodeo.

How To Share App On WhatsappStep 2: Navigate to Your Installed Apps

Go to your Download section and find the app that you want to share search it until you find yourself in the magical land of “APPS,” where your digital treasures reside.

How To Share App On Whatsapp

Step 3: Select the App You Want to Send

Channel your inner app ninja and long-press on the chosen app until it shows like the image above.

How To Share App On WhatsappStep 4: Choose the “RENAME” Option

At the bottom of the screen, spot the RENAME option – CLICK ON IT

How To Share App On Whatsapp

Step 5: And add “.TXT”

Add a “.txt” at the end of the app name and save it, convert your apk file into a Txt file which is easily shareable on WhatsApp.

Step 6: Share the App File

Open your WhatsApp go to your document section select your app which you convert into a Txt file, on the caption you share this blog and say follow the app Receiving Method.

How To Share App On WhatsApp Receive an App:

If you’re on the receiving end of this virtual treasure hunt, fear not – the pirate’s map is here.

Step 1: Download the App File

Receive the app through your WhatsApp and download it.

Step 2: Open Zarchiver

Channel your inner explorer and open up Zarchiver. find your app.

XiaomiStep 3: Remove”.TXT”

Remove “.txt” at the end of the app name and save it,

XiaomiStep 4: Install the App

Tap on the app file like it’s the play button for your favorite show. Follow the on-screen instructions – it’s like a mini interactive movie, but with fewer plot twists.

Step 5: Grant Permissions**

The app might ask for some permissions. Think of it as the app politely knocking on your door – open up and let it in for the ultimate app experience.
Tips for Successful Share App On WhatsApp
XiaomiCheck Compatibility

Ensure your chosen app is compatible with the recipient’s device. Remember, not all apps swing both ways between operating systems.

Sufficient Storage

Confirm that your digital buddy has enough room for your app gift. A cramped device might play spoilsport during the installation ballet.

File Size Consideration

Mind the file size limits of WhatsApp. If your app file is throwing shade on those limits, consider using cloud services or alternative methods for your digital delivery.

Update WhatsApp

Keep your WhatsApp on its toes with regular updates. Stay on top of the game, especially in the realm of file sharing – your digital prowess will thank you.


Share App On WhatsApp doesn’t have to be a serious business. With Zarchiver as your trusty sidekick, it’s more like a digital carnival. Practice these steps, embrace the app-sharing chaos, and soon you’ll be the maestro of the app orchestra. Share your tricks and quirks in the comments below, because in this digital realm, laughter and shared knowledge are the best companions on the app-sharing journey!


Q-1 How can I share an app link on WhatsApp from the Play Store?

To share an app link on WhatsApp from the Play Store, open the app’s page on the Play Store. Tap the “Share” button, choose WhatsApp, and select the contact or group. Hit “Send,” and voilà – you’ve shared the app effortlessly!

Q-2 How can I share an app with someone who is far away?

To send an app to someone remotely, you can recommend they download it from the respective app store. Alternatively, you can share a link to the app via text or email. Simply go to the app’s page on the app store, find the “Share” option, and choose your preferred method of sharing.


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