The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), often known as 17 U.S.C. §512, contains safe harbor provisions that apply to our website because we do not store any copyright-protected content on our servers or websites. Every post is created solely with sharing in mind, and any content that is linked to is only kept on websites owned by third parties. Since speech is permitted, we don’t participate in any copyright violations. Copyrighted content is not encouraged, permitted, or allowed to be uploaded to HOWGETAPK.COM’s servers. Before filing a copyright infringement notice, please make sure you have read and comprehended this policy.


For content protected by copyright, HOWGETAPK.COM does accept DMCA infringement notifications.

**DMCA Compliance Disclaimer for HOWGETAPK.COM:**


At HOWGETAPK.COM, we prioritize and respect intellectual property rights. To ensure compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), please note the following:

1. **No Hosting of Files:**
– We do not host any of the files displayed on HOWGETAPK.COM.

2. **Indexing Remote Servers:**
– Files are indexed from remote servers with which neither we nor our affiliates have any connection, control, or association.

3. **Download from External Hosts:**
– Users download files from external host services, not directly from our server.

4. **Fact-Finding Purpose:**
– All software and applications presented on our platform are for fact-finding purposes only.

5. **Uninstallation Requirement:**
– Users are required to uninstall/remove specific software/applications from their Android devices or computers after fact-finding.

6. **Copyright Protection Compliance:**
– Failure to delete files may lead to a breach of copyright protection laws.

7. **Respect for Ownership:**
– All rights to the software and applications belong to their respective owners.

8. **Search Engine Functionality:**
– We operate as a software/application Search Engine. We do not store or host any files or other copyrighted material on our server. We strictly adhere to Copyright Laws.

9.**Request for DMCA Action:**
– If you identify any search result leading to illegal software/applications, please use the provided form below to submit a DMCA infringement notice promptly.

By engaging with HOWGETAPK.COM, users acknowledge and adhere to these guidelines, promoting responsible and lawful use of the platform. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a compliant and respectful online environment.

Therefore, please use the form below if you have discovered a search result for an unauthorized program or application.

We generally support the rights of Developers and Application Builders, and we sincerely hope that you would collaborate with us to ensure that everyone, including artists and creators, has a positive, creative, and lawful experience in our community.

Please be aware that anybody who intentionally makes a materially false representation that any content or activity is infringing may be held liable for damages under Section 512(f). Make no untrue claims!

Please be aware that the person who submitted the allegedly infringing content may receive a copy of the information provided in this legal notice. Contact Us with any questions.