Bgmi 3.1 Update: Release Date & Top Features Revealed!

bgmi new update,bgmi new update date

BGMI fans are excited about the Bgmi New Update 3.1 release, Bgmi 3.1 Update Date is one of the biggest announcements in the gaming community. Let us now discuss what people are speculating and expecting about the upcoming release of this new version.

Speculation About BGMI 3.1 update release date and features revealed:

Arabian Nights Theme

bgmi new update,bgmi new update date

According to reports from YouTuber ClassifiedYT, the upcoming 3.1 update for BGMI will feature an Arabian Nights theme So, Explore the enchanting new Arabian Nights mode on Erangel with the upcoming BGMI 3.1 Update. Discover *stunning* Arabian-style buildings that transform the map into a magical realm. *Experience* a unique blend of visuals and gameplay in this mystical adventure.

New Added Weapons Vehicles on BGMI 3.1 update

bgmi new update,bgmi new update date

Check out the latest BGMI 3.1 update for exciting new weapons! Keep an eye out for these new weapons as you dive into the battlegrounds!

The latest update for BGMI, version 3.1, is expected to hit screens around March 26th, 2024. BGMI enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this update, which promises to bring a slew of fresh features and enhancements to the game. Let’s delve into the exciting additions players can anticipate:

Self Revive AED

  1. An item used for self-revival.
  2. Players can revive themselves using the AED item.
  3. Can conveniently be stowed in the backpack.
  4. Found amidst other loot items scattered across the map.

New Weapons

DMR – MK20-H

  1. Utilizes 7.62mm ammo.
  2. A fresh addition to the Marksman Rifle category.

DMR – M417

  1. A new Designated Marksman Rifle.
  2. Utilizes 5.56mm Ammo.

SMG – P90

  1. Uses 9mm Ammo.
  2. Renowned for its explosive capabilities.

Pistol – TMP-9

  1. A tactical submachine pistol.
  2. Utilizes 9mm ammo.
  3. Features delayed recoil and compact structure, making it easy to control.

New LMG and Shotguns


  1. Cannot be equipped with a stock like M249.
  2. Can be outfitted with a grip.
  3. Supports an extended magazine and utilizes 7.62mm Ammo.

Shotgun – AA12-G

  1. Fully automatic with controllable melee.
  2. Damage decreases with distance and uses 12 Gauge Ammo.
  3. Comes with a 20-round drum magazine.

Shotgun – SPAS-12

  1. Utilizes 12 Gauge Ammo.
  2. Comes with a default 7-round magazine and a unique stock.

New Vehicles and Sniper

G49 Roadster

  1. A 4-person vehicle with exceptional acceleration and speed.
  2. Features a convertible top similar to Mirado.
  3. Offers a slightly different shooting experience for occupants.

G48 Station Wagon

  1. Equipped with a suitcase function.
  2. Allows players to exchange items while seated

Sniper – M200

  1. Ideal for long-range engagements.
  2. Utilizes .408 ammo and can be looted from special crates.

New Tactical Shield

  1. A shield for blocking enemy bullets.
  2. Equipped in the main gun slot for added protection.


The release date of the BGMI 3.1 update is important information that the gaming community is eagerly waiting for. It is estimated that players will be able to experience something unprecedented from mid to late January. The BGMI 3.1 update will bring some amazing new features, a snowy battlefield, and improved gameplay dynamics. Watch closely as we count down the updates that will usher in the next phase of BGMI evolution.


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