What’s New in Xiaomi HyperOS Update Compare With Old MIUI

What’s New in Xiaomi HyperOS Update Compare With Old MIUI

Xiaomi enthusiasts, rejoice! The highly anticipated Xiaomi HyperOS Update is on the horizon, poised to revolutionize your smartphone experience. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exciting features that await you in this cutting-edge operating system. Buckle up as we explore the magic of HyperOS!

Xiaomi HyperOs Update Features List

1. Revamped HyperOS Control Center

Xiaomi HyperOS Update

The revamped Control Center draws inspiration from iOS 17, offering a sleek and intuitive interface. Seamlessly manage your media, switch tasks, and elevate your interaction with your device.

2. Lock Screen Customizations


HyperOS empowers you to take control of your lock screen. Choose from an extensive selection of pre-defined wallpapers, apply various styles, and add a depth effect—reminiscent of iOS. Personalize your device like never before.

3. Bokeh Effect in Photos


Unleash the Bokeh effect within the gallery. Blur backgrounds, beautify your shots, and transform every snapshot into a work of art. HyperOS takes your photography game to the next level.

4. HyperOS Weather


Experience a sleek new design in the Weather app. Prioritizing easy access and spot-on forecasts, this revamped app looks cool and works great.

5. Notes App with Material You Design


HyperOS incorporates Android 14, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality. Your Notes app adapts to the Material You design, changing its appearance to match your wallpaper style.

6. Redesigned Calendar App


The Calendar app undergoes a complete makeover. With a more user-friendly interface, you can now easily see the number of weeks in a month, jump to specific dates, and even calculate your age—all within the app.

7. New Camera Experience


Premium Xiaomi phone users can anticipate a transformed camera app. Quick mode navigation, vibrant touches, and an overall enhanced photography experience await, making capturing moments more enjoyable than ever.

8. HyperOS App Vault


Access your favorite apps swiftly through the revamped App Vault. It’s your one-stop hub for quick actions, shortcuts, and essential information.

9. New Battery Features


HyperOS introduces battery optimizations, extending your device’s endurance. Say goodbye to midday charging woes!

10. Charging Animations


Watch your phone charge with delightful animations. HyperOS adds a touch of whimsy to mundane tasks.

11. Improved Privacy and Security


HyperOS prioritizes your data security. Enhanced privacy controls and robust system security ensure peace of mind.

12. 30 New Awesome Wallpapers and Live Stickers


Refresh your home screen with a stunning collection of 30 new wallpapers. From serene landscapes to abstract art, there’s something for everyone, Add flair to your conversations with animated stickers. Express yourself like never before.

13. New Gallery and File Manager


The Gallery app receives a facelift, making it easier to organize, view, and share your precious memories. Manage your files effortlessly with the revamped File Manager. It’s sleek, efficient, and user-friendly.

14. HyperOS Sidebar: Swipe and Go


Access your favorite apps, contacts, and tools with a simple swipe. The HyperOS Sidebar streamlines multitasking.

Comparison: HyperOS vs. MIUI

Let’s compare HyperOS with its predecessor, MIUI:

Features MIUI HyperOS
Performance While efficient, it tends to consume more storage space Minimal system storage usage ensures lag-free performance
Multitasking Capabilities Good multitasking features but not as refined as HyperOS Enhanced multitasking allows seamless switching between apps
AI Functionalities AI features are present but less prominent Advanced AI integration for smarter recommendations and personalized experiences
Security Model Comprehensive security measures protect user data Solid security, but HyperOS takes it up a notch

1. Release Date and Phases

  • HyperOS was officially unveiled alongside the Xiaomi 14 flagship in late 2023.
  • The official release date for HyperOS is October 26, 2023.
  • The rollout occurred in two phases:
    • December 2023 to January 2024: Exclusive firmware for users in China.
    • First Quarter of 2024: Global release for supported phone and tablet models.

2. Supported Devices List

HyperOS is pre-installed on several Xiaomi devices, including:

  • Xiaomi 14 series smartphones
  • Xiaomi Watch S3 smartwatch
  • Xiaomi TV S Pro 85″ MiniLED
  • And more!

The following devices are slated to receive the Xiaomi hyper os update in India in 2024:

  • Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 and MIX Fold 3
  • Xiaomi 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Ultra
  • Xiaomi Pad 6, Pad 6 Max 14, and Pad 6 Pro
  • Redmi K60, K60 Extreme Edition, and K60 Pro
  • Xiaomi TV S Pro 65, 75, and 85 Mini LED
  • Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro PTZ version IP
  • Xiaomi Sound
  • Xiaomi Watch S3


Exciting news awaits! HyperOS is set to make a grand debut alongside the Xiaomi 14 series smartphones. If you’re currently on MIUI 14, fret not! Most of these phenomenal features seamlessly integrate with your device. Simply snag the dedicated app from our APK section, and you’re all set to embark on the enchanting journey of HyperOS magic. Get ready to redefine your Xiaomi experience! 🚀📱


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