How to Watch IPL 2024 on Mobile, Laptop, and TV (Live)

How to Watch IPL 2024 on Mobile, Laptop, and TV (Live)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most awaited cricket league of the year, and with IPL 2024 in full swing, fans are eager to know how to watch the matches live on their devices. Whether you’re on the move or at home, here’s an expanded guide for How to Watch IPL 2024 on Mobile, Laptop, and TV to ensure you catch every six and wicket.

How to Watch IPL 2024 Live on Mobile, Laptop, and TV

how to watch ipl 2024 on mobile

On Mobile

JioCinema is the go-to app for IPL 2024. It’s streaming all the matches live and for free. Just download the JioCinema app or visit their website, and you’re all set to watch the matches live1. If you’re outside India, you might need a VPN to access the stream.

Special Offers for IPL Viewing

Mobile operators like Vodafone Idea have announced special IPL 2024 plans with additional data to ensure fans can enjoy uninterrupted streaming2. These offers include extra data on select recharge plans, ensuring that cricket enthusiasts can watch the games without worrying about data caps.

On Laptop

For laptop users, the process is similar to mobile. Head over to the JioCinema website and enjoy the live streaming. Ensure you have a good internet connection for an uninterrupted experience.

Streaming in High Definition

This year, JioCinema has confirmed that IPL 2024 will be streaming in 4K UHD for free online, offering an immersive viewing experience. Make sure your laptop can handle high-definition streams for the best experience.


To watch IPL live on TV, tune in to Star Sports if you’re in India. For international viewers, various broadcasters like Sky Sports in the UK and Fox Sports in Australia will telecast the matches. Check your local listings for the channel number.

Regional Language Broadcasts

IPL 2024 will also be broadcast live in regional languages on Star Sports Network regional channels, catering to a diverse audience across the country.

Tips for a Seamless Experience

  • Make sure your device is charged or plugged in so you don’t run out of battery mid-match.
  • Use a stable Wi-Fi connection to avoid data charges and ensure a smooth stream.
  • If you’re watching on a mobile or laptop, consider casting the match to your TV for a bigger screen experience.

The Opening Ceremony

Don’t miss the IPL 2024 opening ceremony, which promises to be a grand spectacle with performances by Bollywood stars and renowned musicians. It’s a perfect way to kick off the cricket festivities.


The IPL is not just about cricket; it’s a celebration of sport, so get ready to enjoy every hit and wicket. Now that you know how to watch IPL live, grab your snacks, wear your team’s jersey, and cheer them on!

Remember, this guide aims to make your IPL viewing experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you won’t have to miss a moment of the action. Enjoy the game!


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